Thursday, August 18, 2016

Last post until next treatment! - Thank you's & Photoshoot pics!

I am sad to announce that this will be my last post until our next treatment! SAD because this blog has been beyond therapeutic for me during our stressful and special fertility treatments, SAD because I really enjoy posting about the babies, and SAD because I know many of you around the world who keep up with us are going to be bummed. This blog wasn't intended to be an ongoing thing though. BUT, it is also a very HAPPY thing! This means that a treatment worked and that we finally have a family...yay!! And, also HAPPY because we still have one more treatment left to try in a couple of years. Woo hoo! For those that didn't remember, we still have 2 precious snowflakes left to transfer!...the ones that were thought to have been no good last transfer but rallied back with a vengeance and are patiently waiting for us on ice :) Yay for ninja embryos! We know that you will understand just how much work a blog is sometimes, and just how busy these cute babies keep me.

I'm so glad that our family and friends have been able to keep up with the treatments through this blog. So many nice things have been said to me about it since I started it. But, this blog turned into something I didn't expect also. So cool! It grew into something very special...we have almost 40,000 blog views now from dozens of different countries around the world! WOW! That is just so neat to me. Thank you so much to all of those who follow us! We appreciate your desire to want to share in these happy, sad, funny, heartbreaking, and very special moments with us. The life of infertility is a crazy one, let me tell you! I am SO grateful to be ending this blog for now on a happy note! Both babies are beautiful, healthy, and growing like weeds. I kiss them til they smell spitty smelling, he he. They're SOO loved and wanted! I still just sit and look at them in amazement and cry tears of happiness. What a special thing it is to be a mother, especially when your heart has waited for it for so very long. We are so lucky and so blessed by Embryo Adoption. What an adventure and honor pregnancy was! We are so grateful for everyone's support, to those who helped get these babies here safe, to those who gave and sent gifts, comments, messages and love. We finally got our rainbow babies after 9 longgg years and one devastating miscarriage!! Yay! And, I know many of you out there will also get your rainbow baby(ies) when the time is right! God really is in the drivers seat, these babies came to us in such a special way. We hope that this blog has been a comfort to you, fun for you, brought you hope on dark days, and is something you'll remember. I hope that you can look back at your favorite posts and feel comfort, or laugh or cry. We also hope that you will still share our blog with others, it will be left up! Why? Because...Embryo Adoption is AMAZING and we need to spread the word!!! Seriously, if you know of someone who can't have children for whatever reason, tell them to check into Embryo Adoption. There are embryo banks as well as special programs at fertility centers. Some are done as a traditional adoption after the baby arrives, and some are done simply as anonymous donations like ours. No home study, no background check. So amazing!

I am very excited to have the second treatment's posts made into a book for Claire and Cameron! I had one made for us after the first transfer to remember angel baby Cannon's treatment and pregnancy journey. I want the twins to see just what all went into getting their precious little selves here! They are so special and unique. Here are a few last current pictures of the twinnies for you guys. The babies are so happy, cute and wiggly. Can't believe they're 3 months old already! We are so excited to watch them continue to grow! We thank our Heavenly Father daily for these precious little souls, we know and can feel that they were meant especially for our family! Shoot, they even look like us! :)

What better way to end than with the babies' beautiful photoshoot pictures?! We got them all on a cd last week and they turned out SO beautiful. We are absolutely thrilled with them! Was hard to pick favorites out of almost 60 amazing pictures. A big thank you to our photographer, Kara. We have waited a long time to have pictures of babies in baskets to put on the wall! Costco here I come!

Check back with us in a couple of years to see what we are up never know, maybe we will get twins again, lol! :) 

Remember, if the pictures are blurry, just click on them.


  1. Wishing you and your little ones all the best. As a grandma who myself experienced pregnancy loss and success I have enjoyed following your journey. The babies are beautiful. Enjoy your journey and adventures ahead. Sincerely, Julie from MI

    1. Thank you so much Julie! We appreciate your well wishes! It has been a wild ride but we are so grateful for these beautiful babies! Take care.